Living Bright

An Ultra Soft Toothpaste, All Natural and Fluoride free

Living Bright is made from « Reishi », a mushroom used during thousands years is Asia for its numerous beneficial properties. More information on

  • Living Bright is an ULTRA Soft toothpaste. Living Bright is 23 times less abrasive for the enamel than the benchmark index.
  • Contrary to the most toothpastes, Living Bright does not CONTAIN FLUORIDE.
  • Living Bright is designed at a 100% from food ingredients.

(see. LNE report, “Abrasivity Test“)

An innovative an very economical toothpaste

Living Bright is a very concentrated and economical toothpaste. It allows to make up to 400 brushes, which is 5 times more than made with a classical 70 ml toothpaste.

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“I notice that Living Bright strengthens the gums and that the tooth enamel is smoother and shiny.”
Madame Babette B – Maine et Loire

“A natural alternative to commercial toothpastes. “
Mr Nicolas C – Charente Maritime »«

“I appreciate the taste, but also the fact that the teeth are much smoother after washing. I feel that it is as effective as the dental paste that dentists use to polish their teeth. “
Mr Jean Michel L – Luxembourg

“Cleans the teeth perfectly. I no longer have sensitive gums. “
Mrs Marie B – Haute-Loire

“The concentration of the product is excellent and allows an economical product. In terms of active ingredients, it seems very clear to me that my gums are actually reinforced today. “
Mr Philippe D – Eure

“Economical, pleasant texture, one can swallow it. “
Madame Colette L – Charente Maritime