Cafrine’ Cool, the patented chocolate

Cafrine ‘Cool is the latest innovation from the laboratory ECOSYSTEM. This is a global innovation which is protected by a patent with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) under No. 1153075.

Cafrine ‘Cool is a unique chocolate in the world that is enriched with innovative natural ingredients: hempseed oil, hydrolysed peptide, prebiotic.

Cafrine ‘Cool is a product to be enjoyed with family and is suitable for both adults stressed, unruly children, athletes tired, elderly … the taste is incomparable and the action is very fast.

We recommend you take a few coated Cafrine ‘cool every day. Six coated a day is enough to get a quick effect.

Cafrine ‘Cool is made ​​from natural ingredients that have proven their safety since ancient times. You can eat as only for your enjoyment and with no risk of overdose.

Cafrine ‘cool suits everyone: children, athletes, the elderly etc … For best results prefer fractional consumption. Cafrine ‘Cool is even better if you take daily.


Additional Information

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