Ancestral Formulas

The Ecosystem products are often made ​​on ancestral bases. We have great respect for the knowledge of elders and we try and study in depth the old recipes that have been proven to bring them up to date.

For example, our new generation 96 antioxidant, was inspired by a recipe that dates back to ancient Egypt. Designed with modern means we obtained a product of incredible power. Li Ksirel drink is inspired by a Chinese recipe that dates from the earliest Chinese emperors. At the time, only the Emperor had the privilege of this elixir. We wanted as many people can enjoy the benefits of Li Ksirel.

You probably know the term remedy “good woman” who has a pejorative sense as the term comes from the Italian “bona fama” meaning instead “good name.” It is the strength of aboriginal products, they have proven themselves over long periods and they are safe because they are made with only natural products.

These old recipes are neglected by the pharmaceutical industry because they are not patentable. However some products have an unsuspected ancestral efficiency. This is also the reason why their reputation has come down to us. Many so-called “old wives’ earnings have been studied and found themselves scientifically confirmed in their actions. Often new properties have even been discovered that empiricism had failed to detect. The use traditional folk is not incompatible with scientific experimentation, unlike these two approaches complement and enrich each others.

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