The Commission Plan


The activity of the Ecosystem Advisor can be divided into three main functions that are: sales, recruitment, animation and training.So we set up a system of payment for each of these three functions.– Direct margin on sales on which is added additional margins at month end based on your turnover,
– Commissions Tutoring for recruitment,
– Commissions Animations for animation and training.
All compensation calculations are based on a single value : the Point. A Point corresponds to approximately 1 € of product purchased at metropolis distributor price, duty free (The number of points earned by each product is ndicated on the rate and on your purchasing bills). Accordance with the laws the sales supports (flyers, documentation, etc. ..) and tools do not make earn points and trainings are free. All products for resale make you earn Points.


Various commissions are fully paid to the network. If an advisor were to be inactive, the commissions he would have received get back (compression) in its bottom line. The categories should be performed and are challenged each month. With this incentive plan, there is no “economic rent”.

Unlike many existing plans, supplementary additional margin is the same whatever the hierarchy of the distributor. Is the deed of sale easier for a new distributor ? Certainly not, quite the opposite. So why he would win less?


Just because everything is written in Ecosystem. There is nothing to read between the lines. Transparency is key to a lasting partnership.

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