Become Country Independent Partner (CIP)

Ecosystem is strongly expanding internationally and our mission is to be present worldwide. To start the Ecosystem activity within new countries, we constantly seek for Country Independant Partners (CIP) internationally. CIP’s are to :

Store the Ecosystem Products.

The CIP orders, receives and stores Ecosystem products in its own repository. Products, transport costs and customs are the responsibility of Ecosystem or its local subsidiary. CIPs can therefore start their business without significant investment since the stock remains the property of Ecosystem. CIPs store products in a room which can be a piece of their own homes and in part against the partnership contract signed with CIPs, a compensation is planned.

Charge, collect and hand over the payment or ship the products to local councilors.
La gestion et la facturation locale se font sur le logiciel DUBBUD® qui est mis gratuitement à la disposition de chaque PIP. DUBBUD® est un logiciel très puissant et convivial qui permet à tous les PIP d’être reliés en temps réel via Internet avec Ecosystem. Il faut donc que chaque PIP dispose d’une connexion Internet haut débit dont l’abonnement sera payé par Ecosystem. Management and local billing is done on the DUBBUD® software that is freely available to each CIP. DUBBUD® is a powerful and user-friendly software which allows all CIP to be connected with Ecosystem in real time via Internet. This requires that each CIP has a broadband Internet connection, which subscription will be paid by Ecosystem.

Develop a distributors network abroad.

This is the most important ! The CIP gets a percentage on the scored points for each order set in his agency. The more orders there will be, the more he will benefit from attractive commissions. The most important mission for the CIP is to develop the strongest network possible in his country. The CIP is entitled to set up his own distribution network like all the advisors, but he is also commissionned on all the scored points in his agency, including the advisors points who are not from his group.

In the European Community, Ecosystem charges, collect and hand over the payment, but also ship the orders directly to the advisors. The shipping is only €10 per shipment, and this is for an express delivery. Thus, you can sponsor at the EEC level from now, because the commission plan is applied internationally.

If you find a CIP who is approved by Ecosystem, you can be registered on the countries list, which will allow you to receive attractive commissions. You will not need to achieve a 351 points qualification in that new country. Of course, the local agency will pay your commission directly on the international group you are sponsoring independently of the commissions obtained on your French group.

To be approved, a CIP must be concurred in several conditions: first he needs a place to store and he has got to be skilled. It is also mandatory that he reaches a minimum amount of sales within 6 months after his startup.

To receive a free information pack contact us

To receive a free information pack contact us