Remote Clients

For several years ECOSYSTEM set up a commission system for customers who place orders directly from ECOSYSTEM.

Guideline of our business is the Direct Selling and the vast majority of sales are made directly on visits you make to your customers’ home. However there are cases where you are physically very difficult to visit your customers.

For example: you live in France and you have a contact abroad or in an overseas department. Geographical distance makes it obvious that you‘re not going to travel to present and deliver some products. In this case, it is possible for you to register your customer to present to him or her the products, by phone or internet and ask him to place the order directly to ECOSYSTEM. You will be commissioned by 25% of the points scored on each of your customer’s orders.

The only condition for you is to be qualified at 101 points on the ongoing month. The customer buys the products at customers’ prices and pay directly to ECOSYSTEM, and we take care of the shipping.

How to subscribe your client ?
You go to the website you log in the member area, you indicate your distributor number and password (if you have forgot your password, feel free to contact us), and then click Enter. Once in the member area go to the customer input section and save your client, this is as easy as abc.

What is the point of recording all your clients even those that you visit frequently ?
With the development of the Internet there are times when customers contact us directly after finding our details over the Internet by visiting one of our websites. In this case we routinely ask their Customer Identification Number. If the customer has not been saved, we ask what is the name of the consultant or advisor who takes care of him and that made him know our products and we register under the corresponding advisor. When the customer is not able to give the name of the consultant or advisor who takes care of him we record as an active advisor closest geographically located.

What if the client has been registered under one of your referrals who has since stopped his activity ?
Sometimes we are approached by clients who can no longer be delivered because their advisor stopped their activity. In this case if the customer is registered we will be able to deliver her or him directly and points go in the volume groups upline.

Are the points of a Remote Client included in my personal volume ?
YES, the points related to the remote clients are included in your personal volume. Marked points are counted in your group volume and the 25% commissions are cumulative with the commissions to which you are entitled otherwise. For example if you are Manager you will get 25% on the client’s points and 18% of manager commission representing a total of 43%; a very attractive commission!

However, keep always in mind that direct contact and home visits are the heart of your business and client commission should remain reserved for cases where you find it difficult to move for reasons of geographical distance